Capture Your Organization’s History and Future With A Commemorative Book.

Books: They Tell Our Stories

Books endure—for years, decades, even centuries. In today’s fast-moving, disposable world, perhaps that’s why we continue to value books. Books enthrall, entertain, inform and capture the history of people, places and events with a permanence no other medium can equal. In addition, they feel good in our hands and look compelling on the coffee table or the edge of our desks. And, when we have truly big events, like a milestone anniversary or a desire to commemorate a significant achievement, we want them to be memorable. We want them to endure.

We want to bring our institutions, corporations, schools, associations, and clubs to life for the people who matter most. We want to present these cherished books as gifts to show our appreciation for old friends who have been there for the journey and new friends who will help get us to the future. When’s the last time anyone gave a movie or a static picture as a gift for a truly important event? Books tell our myriad stories and gems of stories within those stories.

Let Bookhouse help you tell yours.

  • A conversation is a good way to start a great story. As it happens, we’re pretty good at this. And that’s the beginning of a great story for you. Give me a call at (404) 885-9515, ext. 2, or email me.

    Rob Levin
    Rob Levin President & Editor

We learn your story and help you tell it, in the very best way.

Since 1989, we have been honored—humbled, really—by fabulous clients (local and worldwide) who have entrusted us to bring their stories to life.

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We Are Turnkey – We Handle It All


Co-Creative Collaboration

We can do it all for you. Research, writing, design, editing, indexing, photography, printing. Even warehousing, sales and distribution. But many clients don’t need all of our services, just a few of them. Either way, we’re here to help.

Onsite Archival Process

All of those photos sitting in file cabinets? That’s our job to go through them. We send an archivist to scan on site (we provide a scanner and leave it with you when we’re done), download digital images, and return to Georgia with all the visuals.

Carefully Crafted & Designed

A moving story and stunning images are somewhat wasted if they’re not packaged right—and that’s design. We’re going to show you many different ways your book can look because it will be the design that draws the reader inside.

Captivating New Photography

This is always a tough battle for us—convincing clients of the value of new photography. When we’re authorized to bring in a exquisite shooter, clients are (without exception) glad they did. We can tell you that clients’ reactions to the new photography is always the same as with the manuscripts: Wow.

A Powerful Manuscript

The writers chosen for your book are proven professionals—meticulous researchers and phenomenal storytellers. Amateur writers need not apply. Only skilled writers can wade into an unknown environment and emerge with a manuscript that wonderfully captures the story and personality of your institution.

The Highest Quality Printing

We work with book manufacturers (regular commercial printers can’t print books) in North America, Europe, and on the Pacific Rim. The choice is determined by factors such as schedule, budget, plant capabilities, and client preference. But one thing we don’t sacrifice is quality—our book printers are the best in the world at what they do.

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