Reading Hospital
A Century and a Half of Care
West Reading, Pennsylvania

Vision. Legacy. Progress. Achievement. All of these describe Reading Hospital as it celebrates 150 years of caring for the community. Founded in 1868 to serve area residents with compassionate care, it was nurtured by community leaders who understood the importance of a local healthcare facility. Generations later, Reading Hospital continues to operate on the same guiding principles and community support.

In its early years of rapid growth and challenging finances, the hospital persevered with help from the community. Benefactors provided financial backing and management expertise to position the hospital for continued growth and service to the community. Throughout the 20th century, the hospital met the growing need for healthcare services with expansions in the physical hospital, and in the scope clinical care.

Today, Reading Hospital is the hub of Tower Health, a regional healthcare system based in West Reading, and serving eastern Pennsylvania with advanced technology, an integrated network of primary care and specialist physicians, six hospitals, and a provider-payer health plan.

In 2018, Reading Hospital celebrates its tradition —and mission —of caring for a community with its commitment to blending the best of medical advances with compassion and concern.

The words of Louis R. Thun, past president of the Board of Directors, in a Reading Hospital 100th anniversary commemorative One Hundred Years of Hope and Help book in 1967, still ring true:
“We remind ourselves constantly that we are heirs of an exceptional past, custodians of a challenging present, and architects of a limitless future.”

Reading Hospital is on the vanguard of a healthier future.

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