Fritz Garland Lanham
Father of American Trademark Protection
Fort Worth, Texas

When Texas Congressman Fritz G. Lanham gaveled the hearing to order as the chair of the House Committee on Trademarks in 1937, he could not have envisioned how significant an impact his legislative efforts would become.  After overcoming numerous setbacks, Lanham’s legislative initiative that began in 1937 came to fruition almost a decade later, when President Harry S. Truman signed into law the Lanham Trademark Act on July 5, 1946—ushering in sweeping federal legislation that has served as the foundation of trademark law in this country and around the globe.  

Author Joe Cleveland traces Lanham’s rise from small-town prosecutor on the windswept plains of the Lone Star State to the halls of Congress, where his long and distinguished congressional career burnished his reputation as a legislative giant. By the time he retired, not only had Lanham left an indelible mark on American commerce, but he simultaneously oversaw the construction of numerous federal buildings across the country, including the United States Supreme Court building—on time and under budget.

The book also recaps stories of famous trademark court cases and offers a glimpse into how some prominent trademarks came into our everyday consciousness.  Fritz Garland Lanham—Father of American Trademark Protection is a remarkable story about the history of protecting American business and American consumers and how one man changed it all. 

Fritz Garland Lanham: Father of American Trademark Protection is very accessible, even to non-IP practitioners, and skillfully imparts a sense of the Lanham Act’s importance in American law. The glossy book is rich in photographs, and not just of Lanham, throughout his life and career. Liberally sprinkled throughout the book are stories behind famous trademarks such as Coca-Cola or AT&T, as well as summaries of famous trademark cases. History—and a new appreciation for the importance of trademark law in the pantheon of American legal history—comes alive in this fitting tribute.

John Browning
Journal of the Texas Supreme Court Historical Society

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