Ceramic Strength
Golden, Colorado

Headquartered in Golden, Colorado, and owned by the same family of the famous brewery, CoorsTek is a maker of ceramic products. The family business began during Prohibition when the division that made beer kegs was brought to a standstill. With nothing to do, they set about using the same material to make items such as ashtrays and Fiesta ware dishes. When Prohibition ended, the realized they had a new enterprise. Now CoorsTek is a global industry and its product line consists of everything from the substrate for computer motherboards to body armor protecting our soldiers overseas and the bottom of their vehicles. CoorsTek looked to Bookhouse Group, to help develop their corporate history book. 

  • We could not have published this wonderful, milestone book without the help of Bookhouse Group. From assistance in gathering and organizing vintage images to performing the numerous interviews with current and former employees, suppliers, and customers, they made the process very manageable and kept us on our production and delivery schedules. Beautifully written, designed, and printed, we are truly proud of our 100-year anniversary book and would choose the Bookhouse Group again for similar projects in the future.

    Harrison Hartman
    Harrison Hartman Marketing Communications Manager - CoorsTek

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