University of Pittsburgh
Graduate School of Public Health
On the Frontier of Change
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In the 1940s, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was one of America’s dirtiest cities, ranking near the bottom nationally in public health with confusing state laws and few qualified public health administrators—in fact, there wasn’t even a health department. That began to change in 1948 with the founding of the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. Thanks to the enormous research, outreach, and support of the graduate program, virtually every corner of the public healthcare spectrum has been addressed, from bioterrorism and tobacco cessation to maternal and child healthcare and air quality. The school commissioned Bookhouse to research, write, and design the book that tells this amazing story.

  • I'd like to send congratulations to the entire Bookhouse Team. Thanks to all for your collaborative expertise and patience throughout the publication process! As you know, this project was a long time in coming, and we're pleased to have the book in hand so that others may better understand our historic contributions and ongoing work.

    Karen Coulter Perkins
    Karen Coulter Perkins Marketing Communications Manager - University of Pittsburgh

Pitt chapter 3 opener
Pitt chapter 6 opener
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