• Thank you, once again, for your incredible work on our book project and please pass along our appreciation to the rest of the Bookhouse Group team. I hope we have the opportunity to work again one day. It has been a pleasure.

    Patrick Mairs
    Patrick Mairs Senior Manager, Content Publishing for CSL
  • OMG, love our book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jaye Baillie
    Jaye Baillie Executive Director, Marion Cultural Alliance
  • We love them, we are showing them off like a pretty newborn. Thanks for all that you all did.  It is amazing, it really is.

    Michelle Fricks
    Michelle Fricks Executive Assistant
  • When PRSA decided to produce a 75th anniversary commemorative volume, we knew we’d need expert help since that project was out of the scope of our already-full day-to-day workload. After interviewing a few companies, Bookhouse emerged as the clear front-runner. And throughout the entire process of developing our book, we were delighted that we chose Bookhouse. Bookhouse’s outstanding expertise, experience and advice kept us on schedule and on the right track throughout the complicated production process. Working with Rob Levin and Renée Peyton from Bookhouse has consistently been a pleasure. They helped us develop a book that went beyond merely marking 75 years of our organization’s history to one that took a took a bigger picture perspective to celebrate the growth and achievements of our entire profession.

    Teresa Hein
    Teresa Hein Senior Manager, Marketing
  • We are thrilled with our book, absolutely love it. Nothing but good feedback. Thank you so much for your help . . . with our centennial.

    The Rev. Tom Murry
    The Rev. Tom Murry Rector
  • The books just arrived today, and they look great. They're everything that Shelly and I were hoping for. Thank you so much for all your amazing work!

    Ben Kahn
    Ben Kahn Senior Marketing Manager
  • Navin our CEO is happy. I overheard him saying, "don’t you think these are well done" to Jason Gaede, our Vice President of Capital Strategy, when we received our shipment.

    Olga Zamora
    Olga Zamora Executive Assistant to CEO & Chairman
  • I just opened up a book and looked at every page. It is so beautiful!!!! Brigitte and I are ready to celebrate!!  Thank you so very much for all your hard work and for working with me during some of those harder moments.

    Celia Taylor
    Celia Taylor Customer Service Training Specialist
  • The Paullin book is in hand and looks good. Thank you again for your tremendous work on it. When Dr. Smith received his copies, he said, “I couldn’t be more pleased.” 

    Sally Wolff-King
    Sally Wolff-King Woodruff Health Sciences Center Historian
  • It has been so lovely working with [Bookhouse], and I'm so pleased with the final product.

    Leigh Dyer
    Leigh Dyer Director of Strategic Marketing and Communication
  • The books came in today.  They look fan-tas-tic! Thanks to the entire Bookhouse team for all your creativity, guidance, patience, and hard work on this project. The books turned out even better than I expected.  And it was a lot of fun along the way. It was a pleasure working with you and hope that we can meet in person so I can personally thank you.

    Joe Cleveland
    Joe Cleveland Author
  • Thanks again for your excellent work in helping us produce and publish Ouachita Voices. The book shipment arrived on campus one week before Founders Day which gave us time to plan and prepare for the book’s debut. We are extremely pleased with the quality of the book and have received numerous words of appreciation and affirmation about the project. As I wrote in the introduction, thanks to the Bookhouse team “whose expertise and commitment to excellence helped transform the dream of Ouachita Voices into reality.”

    Trennis Henderson
    Trennis Henderson VP for Communication -- Ouachita Baptist University
  • It’s beautiful. Thank you so much

    Erik Blackburn Oliver
    Erik Blackburn Oliver Author of Cornerstone and Grove
  • The books have arrived and they are beautiful! Our librarian who is also the archivist is wow-ed by the clarity of the photos and keeps saying that the photos in the book are better than the original photos she has in the archives. Thank you. It has been a pleasure working with you and I was able to sleep at night because I knew we would produce an excellent product working with you.

    Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith Director of Admissions, Louise S. McGehee School
  • We received the book today! It is beautiful and we are so proud!!!!! Thank you so much.

    Carrie Roberson
    Carrie Roberson Director of Development & Alumni, Henderson State University
  • I think the book turned out great! I enjoyed working with you very much. Rob, you have a gift of words! It is not easy to synthesize information from various sources and transform that into an interesting narrative. And Renée, you have a wonderful eye for connecting images you had never seen to that story. Thanks again!

    Richard Palladino
    Richard Palladino Director of Libraries, Iona College
  • We hope interested readers will appreciate this book for its focus on the highly distinguished history of the Emory Clinic. Bookhouse Group, Inc. has been an excellent partner in this effort, and we are appreciative of their fine work on this book.

    Sally Wolff King
    Sally Wolff King General Editor
  • It has been a long process, but I think the final product is fabulous. Thank you for enduring with us throughout!

    Jill Sayre Lawlor M.A
    Jill Sayre Lawlor M.A Vice President Marketing
  • I’m sure I speak for the entire La Verne team when I say thank you for a wonderful job. Everyone is thrilled with our book . . . the writing, the design, photography, the print quality. The Bookhouse team was excellent to work with at every step.

    Greg Asbury
    Greg Asbury University of La Verne Project Director
  • The Book is beautiful beautiful beautiful. I can’t tell you how pleased I am. Thank you for guiding us so well.

    Mary Lou Motl
    Mary Lou Motl CWC Past President
  • It's Beautiful!

    Dottie McCallen
    Dottie McCallen Marketing Coordinator/EMJ Corporation
  • “Our books arrived, and they are FABULOUS! WONDERFUL! EXQUISITE! FANTASTIC! Thank you, thank you, thank you for a simply marvelous job. Bottom line: it’s great. And—most important of all—Pete (Levi, chamber chief executive officer) LOVES it.”

    Pam Whiting
    Pam Whiting Vice President of Communications
  • I cannot thank you enough for taking what we thought was possible–a high-quality book telling an engaging story of our history–and making it a reality. I’m so glad we partnered with Bookhouse and appreciate the creativity, thoughtfulness, and patience you all provided.

    Sharon Carver
    Sharon Carver NISC
  • You guys are great – thanks for your help

    Derek Smith
    Derek Smith Book Project Manager
  • The bicentennial commemorative book is terrific. It truly shows the depth and breadth of our city and people.

    Sandy Sanders
    Sandy Sanders Mayor, City of Fort Smith
  • They look great!

    Carolyn B. Kiser
    Carolyn B. Kiser Hometown Bank, Roanoke, Virginia
  • Thrilled to have them. They look great!

    Susan Clark
    Susan Clark Associate Dean, Chief Marketing Officer
  • With its outstanding professional staff, Bookhouse Group was a pleasure to work with. The group’s attention to detail, including personal oversight of the printing overseas, helped create a beautiful publication.

    Rebecca B. Moore
    Rebecca B. Moore Curator - Atlanta History Center
  • This is a sincere THANK YOU to you and the Riverbend team for all your good work in producing what Barry would call ‘a first class, world class’ Celebrating Springfield book. It was a pleasure working with you. We have had nothing but positive feedback from sponsors, chamber leaders, staff, and the community.

    Brad Bodenhausen
    Brad Bodenhausen Executive Vice President - Springfield Chamber of Commerce
  • The Ocala/Marion County—A Way of Life book wonderfully captures the essence of our community through images and words. The book can be spotted in offices throughout the business community and serves as a testimony to the vibrancy of our economy.

    Jaye Baillie
    Jaye Baillie President and CEO - Ocala Chamber of Commerce
  • Over the last 18 months, I have had the good fortune and privilege to work with the exceptional and professional Riverbend team. I am proud to say as a team we produced the most amazing high-quality photographic portrait of Omaha. Our coffee table book has been met with nothing but praise and recognition for it’s excellence in every way. You told me you would deliver and you did! I made the right business decision when I signed the contract with Riverbend Books.

    Karla Ewert
    Karla Ewert Vice President of Communications - Omaha Chamber of Commerce
  • The Chamber is proud to create this exciting book, unprecedented in quality and scope in its photographic representation of the Black Hills.

    Jim McKeon
    Jim McKeon President and CEO - Rapid City Chamber of Commerce
  • We want you to know that we are very pleased with both our book, and the close working relationship we developed between our staff and yours. To a person the book has made an excellent impression, and you and your team at Riverbend should be very proud of your work.

    Brian Hilson
    Brian Hilson President and CEO - Huntsville Chamber of Commerce
  • The books arrived and they look fantastic! Thanks for everything . . . the writing was exquisite and the new photography added so much to the book. You all did a great job and we’re quite pleased. Please pass along our thanks to the folks behind the scenes.

    Mike Schlotterbeck
    Mike Schlotterbeck Director of Communications - Moorestown Friends School
  • [Empowering Women for Life] is told in captivating text and pictures gleaned from the archives and dozens of interviews. . . . The story is one of change and continuity played out in the 110-year-old history of the school. . . . I hope you enjoy this trip through the history of a dynamic and extraordinary school.

    Antoinette (Toni) Iadarola, PhD
    Antoinette (Toni) Iadarola, PhD Head of School - Lauralton Hall
  • Our books are just beautiful. Everyone is thrilled

    Carol Raiche
    Carol Raiche Director of Communications - Endicott College
  • The book looks gorgeous! Thank you for all your hard work!! We enjoyed working with you on this project, and hope our paths cross again.

    Leora Tanenbaum
    Leora Tanenbaum Ramaz School
  • There were many different parties involved in this sensitive story, and the editors at Bookhouse treaded those waters carefully. We so enjoyed the experience; Bookhouse was great to work with and the final publication was superb.

    Barbara Babbit Kaufman
    Barbara Babbit Kaufman Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta
  • A huge thank-you to the staff of Bookhouse Group for telling the story of First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta so well. We are so proud of our Church, proud of our people, and proud of the role we have played in Atlanta’s history. Your excellent work made it all possible.

    George Wirth
    George Wirth Pastor
  • Everyone is THRILLED with the book!!! Thank you so much for being so easy to work with. It was a pleasure working with Bookhouse.

    Julie Eidson
    Julie Eidson Christ the King Project Coordinator
  • The Candler book looks beautiful, the reviews are all raves. Perhaps this is one book that you CAN judge by its gorgeous cover.

    Gary Hauk, PhD
    Gary Hauk, PhD Author, vice president and deputy to the President of Emory University
  • With the publishing of this book, Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom formally celebrate one-hundred years of business. It’s a milestone that would distinguish any company . . . a milestone that also comes with the respect, appreciation, and goodwill of the people of the Mad River Valley.

    Patrick Leahy
    Patrick Leahy U.S. Senator
  • My goal for this wonderful book was to preserve the legacy of the founders of our Workers’ Compensation Section of the Georgia Bar Association for the benefit of future generations of workers’ compensation practitioners. When I read the book, I was amazed at how interesting my chosen field of law is when the story is told by such a gifted writer like Jan Pogue.

    Mark Gannon
    Mark Gannon Savell & Williams, Workers' Compensation Book Chair Committee
  • Many thanks for all your great work on this important book. It is something we’ll be proud of for years to come.

    Jack Weisbaum
    Jack Weisbaum Chief Executive Officer - BDO
  • Thank you for the excellent work, the extra hours and your persistent patience! You have much to be proud of and it was an honor and pleasure to work with you all.

    Jim Warjone
    Jim Warjone Chairman - Port Blakely
  • Our book is tremendous. As one of those who lived and breathed the GSCCCA's history, I am most appreciative of the tremendous work by author Amy Meadows, editor Rob Levin, project coordinator Carole Fischbein, and designer Rick Korab to accurately and poignantly preserve this vital piece of Georgia history.

    F. Barry Wilkes
    F. Barry Wilkes Chairperson, Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority
  • This book tells the story of an incredible 125-year journey. It is the story of courageous physicians, nurses, and employees . . . who dared to create a vision of excellence and commitment to service.

    Bonnie Phipps
    Bonnie Phipps President and CEO - Saint Joseph's Hospital
  • We would like to thank the staff at Bookhouse Group, including Rob Levin, Renée Peyton, Jill Dible, Bob Land, Tony De Feria, the translation teams, and others who worked on this edition of the Atlas. Special recognition goes to Sarah Fedota, Bookhouse Group managing editor, who received a diagnosis of lung cancer while working on the Atlas. A lifelong nonsmoker exposed to secondhand smoke, Sarah’s . . . dignity as a cancer survivor serves as an inspiration to all.

    Omar Shafey
    Omar Shafey Co-Author, Tobacco Atlas 3rd Edition
  •  With this Atlas, the World Lung Foundation takes an important step to inform and empower policymakers, journalists, and other public health advocates. WLF is pleased to introduce this Atlas. . . . Through global commitment and partnerships, we can dramatically reduce the toll of acute respiratory infections.

    Peter Baldini
    Peter Baldini President and CEO - World Lung Foundation
  • RECEIVED! IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you. We’re just enjoying it now….

    Marah Shiels
    Marah Shiels Executive Assistant to the President - Springpoint Senior Living
  • I wanted to let you know how thrilled Simmons Company is with our book. Every comment has been one of highest praise. The story of Simmons and Beautyrest is the story of one of the world’s most recognized trademarks, and we are proud to have had that story captured so well.

    Zenon Nie
    Zenon Nie CEO - Simmons Company
  • The Bookhouse Group was the perfect company to tell our 100-year story.  We were late in our search to find a company to do this project, but they were impressive with their expedience.  They promised an on-time professional production of our story and that’s exactly what we received, and it was created and written by highly competent professionals, truly a pleasure to work with.

    Diana Walker Thomas
    Diana Walker Thomas Absopure Water Company
  • Everyone loves this book. Thank you again for your help with this project.

    Doug Beck
    Doug Beck President and CEO - Harold Beck & Sons
  • We could not have published this wonderful, milestone book without the help of Bookhouse Group. From assistance in gathering and organizing vintage images to performing the numerous interviews with current and former employees, suppliers, and customers, they made the process very manageable and kept us on our production and delivery schedules. Beautifully written, designed, and printed, we are truly proud of our 100-year anniversary book and would choose the Bookhouse Group again for similar projects in the future.

    Harrison Hartman
    Harrison Hartman Marketing Communications Manager - CoorsTek
  • I'd like to send congratulations to the entire Bookhouse Team. Thanks to all for your collaborative expertise and patience throughout the publication process! As you know, this project was a long time in coming, and we're pleased to have the book in hand so that others may better understand our historic contributions and ongoing work.

    Karen Coulter Perkins
    Karen Coulter Perkins Marketing Communications Manager - University of Pittsburgh
  • For more than a decade Emory University has turned to Bookhouse Group when publishing histories of the University and its schools and colleges. Each work has found a privileged place on the Emory bookshelf because of the superb quality of publication. The staff not only understands the business of making books but also insists that their books read well, look good, and feel welcome to the hand. The Bookhouse Group makes the process a delightful journey.

    Gary Hauk, PhD
    Gary Hauk, PhD Vice President and Deputy to the President
  • Our books are beautiful and we couldn’t be happier. The expectations were high and you did not disappoint.

    Teresa A. Fletcher
    Teresa A. Fletcher Marketing & Public Relations - Carroll Hospital Center
  • We could not be more thrilled with Staged Right. Working with Bookhouse was one of the best experiences of my life. You showed us what professionals can do; thank you a million times.  

    Sarah Warnecke
    Sarah Warnecke 50th Anniversary Chair - Dallas Theater Center
  • I have very much enjoyed working with Bookhouse on this project. It has been a genuine pleasure. Everyone should understand that I can't help but be biased about our book. Although I had seen the various components individually, it wasn't until I first saw my advance copy that I realized how impressive the book is. Having read most of the published histories of the various federal courts, I think our product will rank at the very top of all of them. 

    Luther D. Thomas
    Luther D. Thomas Author, Clerk of the Court (retired) - Northern District of Georgia
  • Absolutely love the book. The photography is so vibrant! It tells our story beautifully. We're very pleased with the final product. Thanks so much!

    Teri Rizvi
    Teri Rizvi Executive Director of Strategic Communications - University of Dayton
  • I love this book!  

    Len Boswell
    Len Boswell Editor, Book Division - American Cancer Society
  • The History books arrived today! They turned out great. Thanks for all your help on this project.

    Margaret Almand
    Margaret Almand Executive Assistant - Atlanta Athletic Club
  • They are here! They are beautiful and you are fantastic! Thank you!  

    Judy Pretto
    Judy Pretto Manager of Marketing and Communications - Riverside Medical Center
  • Mr. Danella LOVES the book, and is so proud and happy we did it. Thank you for all your help.  

    Trisha Travis
    Trisha Travis Executive Assistant to James D. Danella
  • The books arrived last week right on time for Commencement weekend. I just wanted you to know that they look spectacular.

    Gerald C. Zaboski '87
    Gerald C. Zaboski '87 Vice President for External Affairs - The University of Scranton
  • I just wanted to reach out to you, and your team, to say thank you . . . You did a tremendous job. We are proud of the final product.  It looks super!

    Bill Ihle
    Bill Ihle Executive Vice President Corporate Relations - Harry & David
  • Going with Bookhouse Publishing over local and in-state publishers was taking a big chance. Now that the books have arrived, I can say it paid off. First, A Dream is everything we were looking for in a publication to highlight UMSL’s first fifty years. You did a superb job. Just as importantly, you did a finely professional job of guiding us through the process from start to finish. There were no missteps, no confusion and a clear pathway to completing the job on-time and on-budget.   

    Ron Gossen, APR, PMP®
    Ron Gossen, APR, PMP® Senior Assoc. Vice Chancellor / Chief Marketing Officer - University of Missouri, St. Louis
  • Wow! Just wanted you to know that we are absolutely delighted. . . . It’s a great combination of art and reality. Thanks for going the extra mile. This was really important to me, personally, and I certainly appreciate everyone’s efforts.

    Jane Anderson
    Jane Anderson Vice President Member Services and Communications - Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce
  • A conversation is a good way to start a great story. As it happens, we’re pretty good at this. And that’s the beginning of a great story for you. Give me a call at (404) 885-9515, ext. 2, or email me.

    Rob Levin
    Rob Levin President & Editor

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