The American
Cancer Society

The Tobacco Atlas
Atlanta, Georgia

Decades of research have shown that tobacco harms every person exposed to it and kills half of its regular users. We are only now, however, truly delving into how the epidemic systematically affects adults, children, workers and local economies. The research presented in The Tobacco Atlas, third edition, is unique in how it graphically depicts the depth and breadth of the problem.

  • We would like to thank the staff at Bookhouse Group, including Rob Levin, Renée Peyton, Jill Dible, Bob Land, Tony De Feria, the translation teams, and others who worked on this edition of the Atlas. Special recognition goes to Sarah Fedota, Bookhouse Group managing editor, who received a diagnosis of lung cancer while working on the Atlas. A lifelong nonsmoker exposed to secondhand smoke, Sarah’s . . . dignity as a cancer survivor serves as an inspiration to all.

    Omar Shafey
    Omar Shafey Co-Author, Tobacco Atlas 3rd Edition
TA3 Chapt 13 V7 12-3
TA3 Chapt 9 V8
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