What is the best way to celebrate a 100-year history? Or 50-year anniversary? Or to commemorate a significant event?

There’s a natural inclination to celebrate milestone anniversaries. And it should be, as longevity is an admired measure of success, staying power, and brand. After all, milestone anniversaries only come along once in a generation. There are stories that need to be captured and preserved or they could be lost forever. There are also times that an achievement or event is so significant, that it’s truly worthy of commemoration in an elegant, beautiful hardcover book.

A commemorative history or commemorative anniversary book is a unique and powerful way to celebrate your company history and the legacy you have built. Or to showcase a truly significant achievement. How well you tell that story depends on who you hire to tell it.

Whether your desire is to tell your unique story, highlight your innovation and contributions, or celebrate your employees, customers, and the people who have made your company and brand great, we at Bookhouse Group want you to know you’ve come to the one publishing house in America most qualified to do this.

Anniversary books, commemorative histories, and company histories are powerful tools for:

  • Strengthening employee pride and satisfaction
  • Highlighting past innovations and vision for the future
  • Conveying your company’s ability to thrive and create an impact
  • Celebrating both your local roots and your impact around the world
  • Celebrating company milestones
  • Raising awareness of your company’s brand and vision
  • Reinforcing customer and client affinity with your company, products, and services
  • Honoring a person or institution

We Create Our Books Using:

Powerful Words
From Chapter Five of Bookhouse’s A History of Saving Lives—The American Cancer Society, written for Bookhouse Group by Jan Pogue.

 Powerful Words

Your Bookhouse team is comprised of writers, artists, and tradesmen and women who, when the day is done, understand the process of creating a great commemorative book is part art, part craftsmanship, and part love.

You may approach us about a history, but after talking with you, you may find that history is only part of the story you want to tell. The manuscript must have personality, characters, and movement and capture the passion that built your institution. We want—no, make that insist—that your readers enjoy the story.

Exquisite Imagery

Your story is told through more than words. Imagery is critical. Let the reader experience your college or company visually as well as verbally. So we’re going to hunt for that perfect image in the recesses of your archives or on your servers, or shoot new photography. Because it can be powerful.

Exquisite Imagery
Scene from Tommy—The Rock Opera, from Staged Right, Bookhouse’s history of Dallas Theater Center in Texas. Photographed for Bookhouse Group by Mario Morgado.
Unique Design
Spreads from our books for the University of Dayton and the University of Missouri, and the cover for our book for the city of Omaha, Nebraska.

Unique Design

Unique design for a unique story. The design of your book—how it will look—is the gift wrap tying together the words and pictures. Each of our books is custom designed, giving an artistic approach to convey your company’s special identity, from the colors to the layouts and everything in between. Your anniversary book will have an impact as powerful as your company.


Some of the best-known corporations, schools, and institutions in the country have trusted their company anniversary books and commemorative histories to Bookhouse Group, Inc. 


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