National HealthCare Company (NHC)
75 Years of Impact and Influence
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Murphysboro, Tennessee

A quality-of-life environment was the vision that originally inspired NHC’s Founder, Dr. Carl Adams, when he started this company fifty years ago. He saw a need for improved care for patients in their advancing years and took action, devoting himself full time to this interest in nursing care and geriatric medicine.

Dr. Adams spoke to a group of NHC supervisors in 1985 and gave them the inspiring words. These words clearly reveal the vision of our Founder and have continued to motivate NHC Partners over the years. During new Partner orientation, a preserved recording of Dr. Adams’s voice, as spoken with passion in 1985, is played for the Partners who are just beginning their careers with NHC. His voice rings clear in their ears, almost as if he is speaking directly to them, asking them to be a part of his vision.

“When I founded this company years ago, my vision was to provide superior nursing and medical care in a Quality of Life environment for our patients at each health care center. Excellent patient care has always been a high priority. I hope you will help us protect that priority in our HealthCare Centers at all times. Those who need our services deserve the best health care possible. The best health care comes only from dedicated people like you who want to feel the satisfaction of helping patients preserve a Quality of Life environment at all times. Being sensitive to the needs of our patients and their families is a characteristic I hope each of you will develop as a standard in doing your job.”

Dr. Carl Adams, Founder, NHC

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  • I just opened up a book and looked at every page. It is so beautiful!!!! Brigitte and I are ready to celebrate!!  Thank you so very much for all your hard work and for working with me during some of those harder moments.

    Celia Taylor
    Celia Taylor Customer Service Training Specialist
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