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We’re Not Just a Team—We’re Your Team

Here are the usual things you expect us to say: that we bring only the best talent to your publishing project; that you’ll proudly show off your book for years to come; that we will do it the way you want it done. Indeed, when your book is delivered, we’d love to hear that tears of joy rolled down your cheeks.

All true. But like we said, you expected us to say that, didn’t you?

We used to tell prospective clients, “sit back, we’ll do all the work.” And we certainly do all the heavy lifting and take care of a billion details. But after twenty-plus years, we’ve come to other truths as well, one of which is you’ll often want to get involved, even if you are hiring us to do a turnkey project. And so we blend your enthusiasm for involvement—not to mention your own deep institutional knowledge—into the book development mix. And as the client, you have the right to insist on certain things. And as your teammate, we will provide you informed options.

Just know that we are always looking out for your—and your publication’s—best interests. And out of that, a great book is born. And maybe a few tears of joy.


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