Stonebridge Companies
Breaking New Ground
Denver, Colorado

Stonebridge Companies, like many successful businesses, started out small and then succeeded well beyond expectations, due to imagination, inspiration, and perspiration. But one thing the company did not depend on was luck. The successes Stonebridge has accumulated were hard earned.

The enterprise that is Stonebridge today resembles the company of its earliest years only in name and the executive leadership of founder, CEO and Chairman Navin Dimond and the enduring hotel company he grew with his wife, Rita. While other hotel developers are often content with recreating the same hotel in different markets, Stonebridge continues to evolve, creating a stable mix of tried and true along with exciting new ideas in urban, suburban, mixed-use, and multifamily complexes, among others.

In the pages of Breaking New Ground—The Story of Stonebridge Companies, you’ll find a company that wrapped traditional hotel lodging in daring new clothes, introducing concepts, building techniques, amenities, and top-tier service levels with virtually every groundbreaking.

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  • Navin our CEO is happy. I overheard him saying, "don’t you think these are well done" to Jason Gaede, our Vice President of Capital Strategy, when we received our shipment.

    Olga Zamora
    Olga Zamora Executive Assistant to CEO & Chairman
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