United States
District Court

Do Equal Right
Atlanta, Georgia

The Northern District of Georgia of the United States District Court is one of the nation’s busiest federal courts, and many of the cases handled within its courtrooms have made national news and set legal precedent. But its roots stretch back to the early 1800s and this book takes the reader from the court’s earliest foundational days to the heart of one of the most complex and sophisticated federal judicial operations in the country. In an unexpected surprise, the court’s judges allowed our photographer into the back chambers, offices, and courtrooms to visually help chronicle this important story. Incidentally, the title of the book, Do Equal Right, comes from the oath taken by federal judges when they are sworn into office.

End Notes
Days of Photography
  • I have very much enjoyed working with Bookhouse on this project. It has been a genuine pleasure. Everyone should understand that I can't help but be biased about our book. Although I had seen the various components individually, it wasn't until I first saw my advance copy that I realized how impressive the book is. Having read most of the published histories of the various federal courts, I think our product will rank at the very top of all of them. 

    Luther D. Thomas
    Luther D. Thomas Author, Clerk of the Court (retired) - Northern District of Georgia

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