State Bar of Georgia
A Just & Noble Cause
Atlanta, Georgia

The legal system of compensating workers injured on the job has a history rich with drama, starting from the time it emerged a hundred years ago in Europe and continuing as it moved into the United States, and eventually bracketed an industrialized world.

In the nearly one hundred years since the world began to acknowledge that both workers and employers needed protection, the law—and those practicing and overseeing it—has gone from the simple to the complicated, from the obvious to the inconceivable. Just & Noble Cause traces that history, telling the story of the struggles by attorneys on both sides to bring equity and thoughtfulness to a body of law that is both ever-more fluid and increasingly complex.

  • My goal for this wonderful book was to preserve the legacy of the founders of our Workers’ Compensation Section of the Georgia Bar Association for the benefit of future generations of workers’ compensation practitioners. When I read the book, I was amazed at how interesting my chosen field of law is when the story is told by such a gifted writer like Jan Pogue.

    Mark Gannon
    Mark Gannon Savell & Williams, Workers' Compensation Book Chair Committee

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