Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority
For the Record — The Unique Success Story of the GSCCCA
Atlanta, Georgia

The Georgia Superior Courts Clerks’ Cooperative Authority is one of the most unique state organizations in America. While other states provide some of the same services, Georgia was the first state to offer as many services through one online portal—property tax records, deeds, notary documents, and much more—and at no cost to the taxpayers. From the beginning it was the determination of a handful of Superior Court clerks to convince every other colleague in Georgia to sign on to a new way of doing things—no easy task with 159 different offices. County by county, the organizers trooped around the state, showing the clerks that not only would they become more efficient, but that they would neither cede control of their vital documents nor lose any revenue. The task for our writer was to bring to life a difficult and complicated legislative story, showing the personalities, will, and ingenuity of the GSCCCA officers, employees, and county court clerks.

  • Our book is tremendous. As one of those who lived and breathed the GSCCCA's history, I am most appreciative of the tremendous work by author Amy Meadows, editor Rob Levin, project coordinator Carole Fischbein, and designer Rick Korab to accurately and poignantly preserve this vital piece of Georgia history.

    F. Barry Wilkes
    F. Barry Wilkes Chairperson, Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority

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