Emory School of Law
Advancing the Rule of Law
A Century of Excellence at Emory Law
Atlanta, Georgia

Advancing the Rule of Law is a celebration of an institution that helped elevate the legal profession through the ethics, insights, and achievements of its faculty, staff, alumni, and students. From its prescient founders, who declared that whatever the number of lawyers in the region, “the demand for properly trained lawyers continues [to be] under-supplied,” to Dean Ben Johnson Jr. 40L, who believed that Emory Law could not achieve greatness without fighting against segregation, the history of Emory Law is one of bold vision and even bolder action.

            This centennial book recounts that history while providing a rich profile of the school today. Emory Law students argue cases in simulated courtrooms as part of a trial techniques program that has become a model for the nation. They propose ways to achieve power-sharing in Syria and draft arguments opposing U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission rules on spent nuclear fuel. Professors develop new avenues of legal thought and challenge students to address some of the most intractable problems of the day: societal inequality, cyber warfare, gun violence, armed conflict, and threats to human rights.

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