Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce
Portrait of the Roanoke Region: Heart of Virginia’s Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge Mountains are blessed by a string of great towns and cities, but none are as impressive as Roanoke and the surrounding communities that make up the region. It’s not just the accessibility of the area with quality roads and a sophisticated airport or its top-flight educational system that spans from secondary schools to world-class colleges and universities. Its healthcare system is second to none, the cost of living is low, and its web of police and emergency services are impressive.

All of those accolades should be reason enough to want to rank the Roanoke Region as a great place to call home. But the region is more than that, and one only has to spend a few days here before recognizing it. Because filling in all the shadows and spaces that make up our day-to-day lives is an overabundance of just pure joy—the fabulous restaurants of every cuisine and price range, the outdoor cafes that line the streets, the virtually immediate access to outdoor activities, whether you prefer walking, biking, rafting, or just lying on the grass.

Waking up in the Roanoke Region means warm summer days and crisp winter mornings and lush fall foliage. It means old historic neighborhoods with leafy, sighing trees or gleaming new architecture. It means having to choose between a stunning array of visual and performing arts venues where you are seated beside some very friendly folks. . . unless you happen to be seated next to even friendlier folks.

All of this is to say, living in the Heart of the Blue Ridge is more than saying this is where you live or work. It’s a way of life. It’s saying, “This is home,” and meaning it in every sense of the word. Why would you ever want to leave when you have all of this?

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    Carolyn B. Kiser
    Carolyn B. Kiser Hometown Bank, Roanoke, Virginia

Images from The Heart of the Roanoke Region

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