Springpoint Senior Living A Place Called Home Wall Township, New Jersey

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It began as a Presbyterian home for senior citizens in 1916. Today, Springpoint Senior Living ;is one of the top 25 Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) in the country, with 27 communities in New Jersey, 4,000 residents, and nearly 2,000 employees. The history and growth were both important stories Springpoint wanted Bookhouse Group to capture, but equally vital to the organization is the story of its dedicated staff, its award-winning programs, the residents who can never say enough good things about Springpoint, and the huge pride Springpoint takes in its foundation that ensures its residents will always have a roof over their head, no matter what turn their lives take. We sent two writers to New Jersey to research the organization and they were ready to move it by the time it was over.

  • RECEIVED! IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you. We’re just enjoying it now….

    Marah Shiels
    Marah Shiels Executive Assistant to the President - Springpoint Senior Living

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