A Portfolio for Success
The Story of Houchens Industries
Bowling Green, Kentucky

A Portfolio for SuccessThe Story of Houchens Industries is a behind-the-scenes journey of the challenges, strategies, and successes that have made Houchens Industries or its multiple holdings a household name with a worldwide footprint. Houchens Industries’ rapid growth blossomed beginning in the 1990s, much of it through acquisition deals that ranged from shrewd to inspired, but they all involved businesses with proven track records and already helmed by highly competent managers. The decades of success since that time illustrates what transpires when preparedness meets opportunity.

The book also provides an account of the company’s storied Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), a relatively new American business concept when the current Houchens Industries leadership showed the vision and courage to pursue that path for the company. The ESOP has gained the loyalty of the employees, it has kept resources in the local communities over the years, and it continues to provide a secure retirement for participants throughout the Houchens Industries family of companies. The success is undeniable.

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