To the Ultimate Good — A History of the Emory Clinic: Early Years Through 1994


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The Ultimate Good is a history of the Emory Clinic through 1994. From these beginnings: a prescient vision for the future; the early and growing support from financier Robert Woodruff; and seventeen dedicated physicians, Emory Clinic has fulfilled the founding vision of a leading medical center that offers superb healthcare to the region—and now the world beyond. This volume traces that progress through 1994 and especially celebrates and recognizes the early department chairs and physicians who established precedence for the ensuing decades of excellence by setting high standards and expectations in teaching, research, and patient care and hiring highly qualified, eminent physicians. The book also highlights and chronicles the accomplishments and achievements of the medical departments, divisions, and clinical specialties and illustrates that—as predicted—the Emory Clinic is a respected medical center for its region and beyond, contributes to the advancement of medical knowledge and skill, and accrues “to the ultimate good of the sick everywhere.”

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