The Institute of Internal Auditors
Celebrating Our Past . . . Inspiring Our Future — 75 Years of Advancing the Internal Audit Profession
Altamonte Springs, Florida

It began with humble expectations but great ambitions. “The goals we have before us are yet to be fully defined . . . I envision in days to come the full recognition of the office of internal auditors as one of the most vitally important in any corporation. . . . If we fail, we shall at least have done all in our power to forward the cause of our profession.” John B. Thurston penned those words as 17 individuals came together on Sept. 23, 1941, at a small club in New York City to discuss the development of a professional association representing the interests of internal auditors. In was a tumultuous time, with the United States just entering World War II and U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt helping to guide the country, indeed the world, out of the Great Depression. As the world was quickly evolving, so was the internal audit profession.

In the 75 years since The IIA was founded, internal auditing has evolved from the mere function of accountancy to address the ever-changing complexities and risks of corporate and government organizations. The IIA continues to play a central role in this adventure, defining the standards, the ethics, indeed the practice of internal auditing. And through continuous education, in-depth research, professional development, and globally recognized certifications, The IIA is equipping the next generation of practitioners to tackle the emerging risks and enhance internal auditors’ value as key assurance providers who deliver insight and foresight within their organizations.


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