Your One-Stop Turnkey Solution

You’ve found us. Now you can rest easy, knowing you’re in good hands.

Being a turnkey solution means we can provide every possible service you need to make your commemorative book happen. From the research and writing to archival collections, new photography, design and printing. We can even warehouse your books and/or help you market them to your constituencies. Our aim is to make this process as easy as possible on you while delivering the highest quality book.

We handle all your book needs from start to finish


The writers chosen for your book are proven professionals—meticulous researchers and phenomenal storytellers. Amateur writers need not apply. Only skilled writers can wade into an unknown environment and emerge with a manuscript that wonderfully captures the story and personality of your institution.


This is always a tough battle for us—convincing clients of the value of new photography. When we’re authorized to bring in an exquisite shooter, clients are (without exception) glad they did. This much we can tell you: clients’ reactions to the new photography is always the same as with the manuscripts: Wow.

Onsite Archival Process

All of those photos sitting in file cabinets? That’s our job to go through them. We send an archivist on site to scan on site (we provide a scanner and leave it with you when we’re done), download digital images, and return to Georgia with all the visuals.


We work with book manufacturers (regular commercial printers can’t print books) in North America, Europe, and on the Pacific Rim. The choice is determined by factors such as schedule, budget, plant capabilities, and client preference. But one thing we don’t sacrifice is quality—our book printers are the best in the world at what they do.


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