Houchens Original Store

The manuscript has recently been completed for Houchens Industries. Highly diversified Houchens celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2017 and selected Bookhouse to tell its remarkable success story.

Houchens Industries began in 1917 with the Houchens Food Group when Ervin G. Houchens opened his first grocery store in a rural area of Kentucky. A century later, Houchens Industries operates in more than 400 retail grocery, convenience, and neighborhood market stores across the nation. Complemented by a strong foundation of diverse companies and more than 18,000 employees, corporate-wide, Houchens Industries is listed by Forbes as one of the largest 100 percent privately owned companies in North America.  In fact, Houchens provides the largest employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) in America. Houchens Industries owns or has a significant stake in more than 40 companies including such well-known brands as Ace Hardware, Food Giant, IGA, Sonic, and Subway.


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