The EMJ Corporation 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book has now entered the design phase. EMJ’s book is written to capture the unusual and fascinating history of this unique company while using storytelling devices to ensure that readers remain interested and engaged throughout the narrative.

For nearly half of its fifty years, EMJ Corporation served a single client in a single industry: mall developer CBL & Associates. The organizations worked closely and harmoniously, developing and building retail strip centers and enclosed malls throughout the country. More recently, though, EMJ has engaged in a concerted effort to diversify, bringing an array of new clients into the fold and finding great success in a variety of market sectors, from hospitality and healthcare to stadiums and senior living. It also has added a number of subsidiaries and standalone companies to the EMJ family.

From the outside, it’s almost like looking at two different EMJ Corporations. The first is a general contractor that served CBL exclusively, providing a level of outstanding service totally unique in the construction industry. The second is a burgeoning construction services company that continues to expand its horizons by looking at the industry in unconventional ways while turning challenges into new opportunities. One thing for sure—over the course of fifty years, EMJ Corporation has surpassed anything that could have been imagined by the man who started it all: Edgar M. Jolley. This is the tale of that one distinctive company and everything it took to get to where it is today.


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