Bookhouse recently completed the design for The Life of the Future: The Cincinnati Women’s Club, the 125th anniversary-commemorative book about one of the largest and most prestigious women’s clubs in America.

The Life of the Future captures a brief period of time in the long life of The Cincinnati Woman’s Club—mostly during the program year 2017–2018. This Club is clearly recognizable because, even after adapting to 125 years of changes in society and community needs, its original purpose, providing a center for women organized to enrich lives through philanthropic action and educational opportunities, is still vibrantly alive. These pages celebrate its day-to-day activities to illuminate a broader, more integrated perspective of the Club as a mission-driven organization.

The CWC continues to promote social, educational, and artistic growth in the community. Today the club continues to emphasize both education and philanthropy, still adhering to the course set in 1894. Members can take advantage of more than 400 educational programs every year and participate in a wide range of philanthropic activities. Bookhouse was retained to commemorate the club’s its historic 125th legacy of continuing community service.


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