Public Relations Society of America Inc. (PRSA)
75 Years of Impact and Influence
New York, New York

In 1947, the American Council on Public Relations and the National Association of Public Relations Counsel merged to form the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). Building on the visions of these founders, PRSA has continued to advance the profession and the professional, influencing and leading the most compelling conversations through the years that changed the way we do business and the way we live in our society.

PRSA has been through many changes over these past 75 years and has marked milestones along the journey: establishing a solid network of Chapters across the United States; creating a student-focused organization, PRSSA; producing the PRSA Code of Ethics, revered for its critical guidance for PRSA members; and creating the APR, the foundational credential in the PR world. PRSA has always led the way.

75 Years of Impact and Influence—People, Places and Moments in Public Relations History showcases the rich and diverse history of the profession and captures the remarkable stories of how public relations shaped national and global events.

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  • When PRSA decided to produce a 75th anniversary commemorative volume, we knew we’d need expert help since that project was out of the scope of our already-full day-to-day workload. After interviewing a few companies, Bookhouse emerged as the clear front-runner. And throughout the entire process of developing our book, we were delighted that we chose Bookhouse. Bookhouse’s outstanding expertise, experience and advice kept us on schedule and on the right track throughout the complicated production process. Working with Rob Levin and Renée Peyton from Bookhouse has consistently been a pleasure. They helped us develop a book that went beyond merely marking 75 years of our organization’s history to one that took a took a bigger picture perspective to celebrate the growth and achievements of our entire profession.

    Teresa Hein
    Teresa Hein Senior Manager, Marketing
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