Oxford College at Emory
Cornerstone and Grove
Oxford, Georgia

Oxford College is located on the original campus where Emory College was founded in 1836 and remained until 1919, when it moved to the newly established Atlanta campus of Emory University. The old campus was kept, and through several subsequent incarnations and with remarkable resilience, the college in Oxford today has emerged as a valuable and specialized division of Emory University with a focus on
liberal arts intensive education.  

In this most recent book about Oxford, Emory alumnus and Oxford native Erik Oliver tells the story of Emory’s bold beginning and the evolution of Oxford College through the campus and town buildings and landscapes. Through early sources, he re-creates long-lost and largely forgotten edifices, gives treatment of building campaigns and architectural styles, and describes the historical contexts of events, traditions, and personalities through the present day. In his dual roles as a college staff member and community planner, he also chronicled current local and regional trends and made a case for reinvestment toward a holistic and sustainable future.

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  • It’s beautiful. Thank you so much

    Erik Blackburn Oliver
    Erik Blackburn Oliver Author of Cornerstone and Grove

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