LSULaboratory School
Forward You Send Us—Forward We Go
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

To the Class of 1951

Excerpted from the 1951 Cub yearbook

As University High School assumes the prestige and dignity of an old school, her history and her memories, as well as her aspirations, become more extensive and the responsibilities of the student body take on greater proportions. All the students who have passed through her halls have helped to make the spirit and traditions of our beloved alma mater. What you . . . do and think will help to determine the future worth of University High School. When you are scanning the pages of this volume, your heart and mind are stirred to memories of the many happy days spent in friendship and cherished association in University High. These should arouse a reawakening of the spirit of your youthful days to cause you to make a greater effort to live a more worthwhile life in this complex world.

A. E. Swanson
Principal | University High School | 1946–1955

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