Endicott College
No Bounderies—
Reshaping Education the Endicott Way
Beverly, Massachusetts

This beautiful small college, which sits on Atlantic Ocean shore outside of Boston, has so much more going for it than its bucolic location. From the beginning, it has been unique, providing the first college internships in the country and in later years, forging partnerships with world-class Boston-area corporations to expand the breadth of the college’s offerings. No Boundaries—Reshaping Education the Endicott Way also captures the immense struggle of the college to get to where it is today, including financial insolvency (a fact not made evident to its current president until days after he signed on). Complementing the story are personal essays from graduates, faculty, and staff, commenting on a range of topics pertinent to their education or the institution. From entrepreneurialship to experiential learning and more, this is a great story.

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    Carol Raiche
    Carol Raiche Director of Communications - Endicott College

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