Cincinnati Woman’s Club
The Life of the Future
Cincinnati, Ohio

For 125 years, The Cincinnati Woman’s Club has steadfastly valued traditions, resolute in its belief that neither fads nor trends should sway its course. At the same time, the Club remains firm in the conviction that advances in education, philanthropy, civic improvement, and the world of ideas never go out of style.

In The Life of the Future—The Cincinnati Woman’s Club, author Michele Marill explores how this organization, one of the oldest civic groups in the city, has admirably balanced honoring the past with embracing the future. Founded in 1894 by women eager to develop their full potential and make their voices heard in Cincinnati, the Club and its impact on the Queen City grew over the decades.

In The Life of the Future, which takes its title from the words of an ancient philosopher, the story stops in 2019. But in the years to come, the Club’s 125-year-old commitment “To be such as help the life of the future” will continue to vibrantly evolve.

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  • The Book is beautiful beautiful beautiful. I can’t tell you how pleased I am. Thank you for guiding us so well.

    Mary Lou Motl
    Mary Lou Motl CWC Past President

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