After five months of planning, Riverbend Books, an imprint of Bookhouse Group, launched the sponsor phase of what will be an extraordinary book about a unique, exceptional community in central Florida. Our partners, Marion Cultural Alliance and Ocala Chamber and Economic Partnership, selected Riverbend Books, an imprint of Bookhouse Group, to create a photographic portrait of how the region works, lives, plays and thrives. Thousands of custom-shot images combine with great design and lively text to tell a visually compelling story of this wonderful part of the country. In addition to capturing life in Ocala, part of the book is reserved for businesses that represent the economic engine of the community. A few companies will be invited to tell their story as part of the main narrative of the book. Ocala—The Art of Community is scheduled for publication in Fall 2022. Bookhouse, and its Riverbend Books imprint, is the country’s premier publisher of photojournalism-style commemorative books on cities, communities and regions of America. Enjoy the video, “Ocala – The Art of Community”


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