Power to the People—50 Years of Innovation and Member Service, NISC’s 50th-anniversary commemorative book has been designed and is now at the printer.

National Information Solutions Cooperative (NCIS) is an information technology company that develops and supports software and hardware solutions for its Member-Owners who are primarily utility cooperatives and telecommunications companies across the nation. NISC is an industry leader providing advanced, integrated IT solutions for consumer and subscriber billing, accounting, engineering, and operations, as well as many other leading-edge IT solutions.

Eleven million people rely on NISC When they check their energy usage on a SmartHub app on their cell phones or call to switch their internet and television bundle, they are barely aware of the technology that supports their choices. While the evolution of NISC closely tracks the rise of the information age, its focus from its earliest days has been on ordinary people—people who come together, in that quintessentially American way, to solve their common problems.

The role of NISC, today and always, is to figure out how to say yes. New smartphone apps? Better billing options? Different ways to use data? Smoother software integration and functionality? NISC’s products reflect the constant effort to respond to—and even anticipate—Members’ needs.


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