An additional component of NISC’s 50th anniversary was the publication of a commemorative coffee-table book. NISC reached out to a publishing company specializing in such books to tell our story from beginning to end. Power to the People—50 Years of Innovation and Member Service, NISC’s fiftieth-anniversary commemorative book has been delivered in time for two national trade shows in Austin and Nashville. 

The Power of Possibility is the unique story of how two regional technology cooperatives, Central Area Data Processing and North Central Data Processing formed, competed and then came together to create National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC). The merger was hatched by the CADP and NCDC CEOs on a long car ride, and the years since have created a highly successful, national-in-reach, technology cooperative dedicated to serving independent telephone companies, electric cooperatives, and other public power entities.

National Information Solutions Cooperative (NCIS) is an information technology company that develops and supports software and hardware solutions for its Member-Owners who are primarily utility cooperatives and telecommunications companies across the nation. NISC is an industry leader providing advanced, integrated IT solutions for consumer and subscriber billing, accounting, engineering, and operations, as well as many other leading-edge IT solutions that affect 11 million end-user customers.

The role of NISC, today and always, is to figure out how to say yes. New smartphone apps? Better billing options? Different ways to use data? Smoother software integration and functionality? NISC’s products reflect the constant effort to respond to—and even anticipate—Members’ needs.


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