Established in 1922, Interstate + Lakeland Lumber will celebrate its centennial anniversary next year. Packed with dozens of archival photographs, the book will soon move to the design phase. We’re proud the company has selected Bookhouse Group to capture its rich history. The pre-story begins in the fall of 1900, when an eleven-year old boy from Romania, named Leon Kahan, arrived in New York City with little more than a suitcase and a dream. In 1922, at the age of 33, with two decades of hard work, Leon brought several of his associates to Greenwich Connecticut where he founded Interstate Lumber & Mill Corporation. Leon’s company began as a woodworking shop where he quickly nurtured his craft into a thriving lumber business. For four generations, the Kahan family, through Interstate and Lakeland Lumber, has been committed to providing quality services and materials. Since its founding, this company has grown and is dedicated to servicing the needs of the area’s finest builders, mostly throughout Westchester and Fairfield counties in Connecticut. The family’s rich and vibrant tradition will be carried on for many years to come as the company continues to build upon its strong network of valued relationships.


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