Congressman Fritz Lanham (c. 1945) first introduced his landmark trademark bill in 1938.

This is the story of a man whose extraordinary impact on American commerce affects almost all the products we use today. Apropos, on May 31, 2021, in the final hours of the Texas Legislative Session, the Texas House of Representatives joined the Texas Senate in celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Lanham Act, the Nation’s landmark trademark law. The Resolutions commemorate the passage of the Lanham Act and pays tribute to the life and legacy of U.S. Representative Fritz Lanham of Fort Worth. The Lanham Act, signed into law by President Harry S. Truman in 1946, provides the foundation for modern federal trademark protection and has been cited in over 50 U.S. Supreme Court decisions and 54,000 cases in state and federal courts. The act helped establish a nationwide framework for the protection of logos, words, phrases, names, packaging, scents, shapes, colors, and other elements of trademark. Bookhouse has the privilege of publishing the story of a man whose life represented a remarkable saga of protecting American trademarks and the integrity of consumer goods, ranging from soap and toothpaste to pharmaceuticals and military equipment. Click here to order the book.


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