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The Nation’s Leading Publisher of City and Regional Picture Books

Acclaimed publisher Riverbend Books, an imprint of Bookhouse Group, Inc., is the nation’s preeminent publisher of custom, coffee-table photojournalism-style books of America’s communities and regions.

Riverbend launched in 1992 with a fresh concept in city-book publishing. It was the first company to commission all new photography (in lieu of using stock images), often shooting more than 30,000 frames to portray life in a community from myriad perspectives: Healthcare, education, workforce development, technology, downtown living, the arts, recreation, neighborhoods, entrepreneurial spirit, manufacturing, and more. The subject matter is customized to meet the needs of the chamber and community. Click here to see our Riverbend photo gallery. Working closely with our chamber of commerce hosts, and after several on-location photo-scouting trips and focus groups with community leaders, our photographers fan out over the community to capture how the community lives, works, and plays. It’s all custom—we create what you want and need—and all at no cost to your Chamber.

 Now, a quarter-of-a-century later, we’re still the only publisher to shoot all new photography. Custom-crafted with economic development in mind, our books perform beautifully as an economic development resource for companies considering relocating or expanding operations to the community. Riverbend’s books are valued for how they present a very livable, inviting, current day quality-of-life. Our Chamber partners thank us for publishing amazing artistic books with an economic mission.

 Bookhouse/Riverbend understands its responsibility as a chamber partner to provide major benefits for our host chamber. In fact, our books are often a significant source of non-dues revenue. In addition to providing non-dues revenue, our chamber hosts are entitled to complementary usage of a multitude of custom-shot editorial photographs. 

Click here to see a sampling of our Riverbend City books.

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