What is the best way to celebrate a 100-year anniversary? Or 50-year anniversary? Or 25-year anniversary? Preserving your history for generations to come with a corporate history book commemorating your company’s legacy and vision for the future!

Corporate History Books Preserve Your History

A commemorative history or commemorative anniversary book is a unique and powerful way to celebrate your company history and the legacy you have built. How well you tell that story depends on who you hire to tell it.

Whether your desire is to tell your unique story, highlight your innovation and contributions, or celebrate your employees, customers, and the people who have made your company great, we at Bookhouse Group want you to know you’ve come to the one publishing house in America most qualified to do this.

No matter what type of commemorative book you are looking for, Bookhouse Group has the depth of expertise and creative vision to give you a unique, beautiful product guaranteed to make a lasting impact. We specialize in custom history books. Corporate histories, institutional histories, organizational histories, and other commemorative books provide powerful channels for your organization to highlight your heritage, history, and past successes, and also define your corporate culture, vision for the future, and brand. With every book, large or small, we bring the highest standards of book publishing to your door.


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