Emory School of Medicine

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The Smartest and Most Promising
The History of the Emory School of Medicine
Atlanta, Georgia

This book traces the distinguished history of the Emory University School of Medicine from its inception to the current day and highlights the intellect, strength, endurance, and hard work of the many who planned and built an internationally renowned health-sciences center. From its earliest days as a small “practitioner’s school” struggling to stay afloat, the Emory University School of Medicine has followed a path to its current place of eminence in teaching, patient care, and research.

Born of the merger and acquisition of several predecessor medical schools in Atlanta, Georgia, the Emory University School of Medicine began its odyssey in 1915, as the college and university took hold in the dynamic capital of a burgeoning New South.

After years of slow but determined growth and diligent efforts by faculty, administration—and yes, students—the school in the 1930s, in the depth of the Great Depression, received a significant boost in its upward trajectory from the benefaction of Robert W. Woodruff. His initial goal had been to establish a cancer clinic for the southeastern United States. What resulted from his munificence to the University over time, combined with the deep generosity of the Rollins Foundation and thousands of others, has been miraculous: an almost limitless opportunity for growth and excellence far surpassing early visions.

Since the outset, aspirational souls never relinquished belief in the necessity and potential for what one long-serving dean called “the kind of school of which we have all dreamed.” This history reveals the spectacular realization of that dream.

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