You and your predecessors have worked hard to create a legacy and to build a corporate history that conveys vision, innovation, and strength. Who is going to tell your story? Who is going to define your company’s history for future generations?

Corporate Histories Preserve Your Legacy

No one can do a better job telling your company’s story than you. By creating a corporate history, you are giving a voice and a face to the trailblazers who came before and the visionaries and others who are leading your company today. Let your custom corporate, institutional or organizational history tell your story and preserve your heritage forever.

Corporate histories are a great medium for:

  • Celebrating company anniversaries
  • Celebrating company milestones
  • Highlighting landmark company achievements
  • Creating a visual history of the company’s culture
  • Celebrating relationships with clients and employees

Start Telling Your History

Some of the largest and best known names in corporate America have trusted us with their corporate histories, and we have also worked with many, many smaller institutions, such as independent schools, colleges, and churches. How will your company define its legacy? Corporate histories are our specialty.


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