Whether your desire is to tell your unique story, highlight your innovation and contributions, or celebrate your employees, customers, and the people who have made your company great, we at Bookhouse Group want you to know you’ve come to the one publishing house in America most qualified to do this.

Commemorative Books Attract Clients, Supporters and Sponsors

Not only will a commemorative history book enable you to celebrate the milestones that have made your school, company or institution great, but it will also provide a powerful channel for you to spread your institution’s message:

  • Commemorative histories make great gifts for alumni and supporters.
  • Commemorative books are a powerful marketing tool for attracting new students, faculty and funding.
  • Commemorative books are a powerful marketing tool for attracting new employees, clients and partners.
  • Celebrating achievements in a historical archive will ensure that your legacy is preserved for generations of students/employees in the future.
  • Strengthen relationships with the numerous partners, clients and employees who have helped define your institution over the years.

Numerous respected universities and educational institutions have trusted us with their historical archiving and with developing their unique history book:

  • Emory University , Atlanta, GA
  • Berry College , Rome, GA
  • Rowland Hall – St. Mark’s School , Salt Lake City, UT
  • Asheville School , Asheville, NC
  • Berkeley Preparatory School , Tampa, FL
  • Carson-Newman College, Jefferson, TN
  • Vance-Granville Community College, Henderson, NC

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