What is the best way to commemorate the history and achievements of your college, university or school? Preserving, defining and communicating your brand to past, present and future faculty, students and supporters.

Commemorative Histories as Branding Resources

Chronicle your story and your culture with a custom history book that celebrates your institution, your faculty, your alumni and your students with a commemorative history book.

Every university and higher learning institution has a compelling story to tell. Each has a culture and a history unique to the faculty, students and supporters who have made it great. From mascots and traditions to passions and research that changes the world, your university has made a lasting impact that needs to be preserved for years to come.

Commemorative History Books for Universities and Schools

We aren’t just book creators, we are book lovers. We understand the power that a unique story and presentation can hold.

The first step in the process is of developing your history book to is meet with you to understand how you see your school and to hear the messages you want your history to convey. And then the fun—and hard work—begins. The process of actually researching and writing your commemorative book, ferreting out the stories that bring your institution to life. Along the way, we are creating new content that defines your history, character, vision, and impact. Our imaging specialists will work with you to archive your historical images and create new images to convey the power of your corporate history and legacy.

Our book designers will create a unique layout that makes an impact and leaves a lasting impression. And our printers—some of the finest book manufacturers in the world—will work to deliver an exquisite book of which you’ll be proud of for years to come.


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