"Going with Bookhouse Group over local and in-state publishers was taking a big chance. Now that the books have arrived, I can say that we went "high risk, high reward" and it paid off. First, A Dream is everything we were looking for in a publication to highlight UMSL's first fifty. years.
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Welcome to Bookhouse Group—We Develop America’s Finest Commemorative Books


We create books, which is to say we tell stories via corporate histories and commemorative books. More specifically, Bookhouse Group, Inc. tells your story. As a full-service, turnkey book-development company, we create the book you want and how you want it. Since 1989, we have been honored—humbled, really—by fabulous clients (local and worldwide) who have entrusted us to bring their stories to life.

Your story vibrates with personality and energy

Whatever your institution, our job remains the same: to learn your story and turn it into a great book so others can enjoy it. So if you’re looking for a boring book, you’ve taken a wrong turn on the Internet. But if your goal is a story vibrating with personality and energy, then we’re here to serve.

That whole left brain/right brain thing

One more thought: Developing a book is intentionally inducing a collision of left brain/right brain worlds—creative inventiveness butting against real-world parameters of budgets and deadlines. There’s no trick to it—just the talent and experience of people dedicated to off-the-charts client service and wonderful books.

A conversation is a good way to start a great story

As it happens, we’re pretty good at this. And that’s the beginning of a great story for you. Give me a call at (404) 885-9515, ext. 2, or e-mail me. A conversation is a good way to start a great story.

Rob Levin
President & Editor

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We could not be more thrilled with Staged Right. Working with Bookhouse was one of the best experiences of my life. Not only did you show us what professionals can do, but we became good friends, Thank you a million times.
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